Welcome to Nelson Dental Centre

Nelson Dental CenterNelson Dental Centre has been providing excellent individualised dental care for the people of the Nelson and surrounding areas since 1975.

Located in Millers Acre on Nelson’s central Halifax Street (a free car parking area is available to our clients), looking out across the Maitai River, our purpose-built surgery is equipped to provide the highest standard of care.

Experienced and friendly dentists Dan, Mary, Kate, Alex, Janette and Rachel are committed to continually developing their skills and are able to provide a wide range of dentistry services.

With our care and skill, we are able to enhance your smile or perhaps you may need to restore your damaged, broken or missing teeth with the use of tooth coloured fillings, crowns, bridges or implants.  Cosmetic tooth whitening is one of the most requested and satisfying treatments we offer and we will gladly guide you through the proceedure to put that sparkle in your smile.

We want you to have as few dental problems as possible and can help you reduce your future dental costs by implementing a maintenance programme to reduce your risk of further dental decay and gum disease.  An important step in achieving your goal of a healthy mouth is a regular checkup and cleaning. Nelson Dental Centre also offers hygienist services, regular gum health screening and oral care advice all aimed at reducing your risk of dental problems now and in the future.

Our aim is to develop a treatment plan in partnership with you combining your requirements and our knowledge, skill and experience to keep your mouth happy and healthy – and give you the smile you deserve.

Contact The Nelson Dental Centre to discuss your dental care needs.