Once again we find ourselves at COVID 19 Alert Level 2.


What does that mean for you?

Nelson Dental Centre is open and continues to provide routine dental care, hygienist appointments and emergency dental treatments for patients with low risk of having COVID 19.

Upon contact with NDC, to determine if you are low or high risk, you will be asked risk assessment questions. If you are deemed high risk your appointment may be deferred until it is safe for you to receive treatment.


To keep our patients and staff safe, Nelson Dental Centre has COVID-19 safety protocols in effect and is practicing safe distancing. To enable patients to maintain a safe social distance we ask that only those with an appointment wait in the waiting room. (With exception for those who require a support person)


At any one time we feel there are too many patients to safely keep the required distance apart, you may be asked to wait in your car until the dentist is ready for you.


We would also appreciate visitors maintain that two metre distance from the front counter.



To make an appointment, or if you already have an appointment booked and have any questions on your level of risk, please call the surgery on 03 548 4445 Monday to Thursday between the hours of 8.00am and 5.00pm and Friday’s 8.00am and 4.30pm


If you are using our online booking system to make an appointment please see the risk assessment below. If you answer No to all of the questions you are able to book. If you answer Yes to any question please call us to discuss your options.


We look forward to seeing you and providing you with the expert dental care NDC is known for.




The team at Nelson Dental Centre


Please see bellow for the Level 2 COVID 19 risk assessment

COVID-19 epidemiological questions:


               a. Do you have a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19?

               b. Are you waiting for a COVID-19 test or the results, or considered a probable case, or been asked to self-isolate?

               c. Have you had close contact* with other people in the last 14 days who are probable or confirmed to have COVID-19?


Acute respiratory infection symptoms:

               d. Do you have new or worsening symptoms of an acute respiratory infection with at least one of the following:

                                 1. Cough

                                 2. Sore throat

                                 3. Shortness of breath

                                 4. Runny nose, sneezing, post-nasal drip (coryza)

                                 5. Loss of smell (anosmia)


With or without fever?


Overseas travel and close contacts:

               e. Have you travelled to Auckland or through Auckland in the last 14 days?

               f.  Have you travelled overseas in the last 14 days?

               g. Have you had direct contact with someone in the last 14 days who has travelled overseas?

               h. Do you work on an international aircraft or shipping vessel?

               i.  Do you work or have you recently worked at an international airport or maritime port in areas/conveniences visited by                                         international arrivals?

               j.  Do you work or have you recently worked in customs, immigration, or at managed quarantine/isolation facilities?

               k. Are you a household member or a community contact of aircrew?

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